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Video from our Californian Roadtrip

Posted on: Wednesday, January 27, 2016


2015 was easily the best year of our lives! Words can’t describe how much joy Nova has brought into our lives and although it always sounds like such a clich√©, it’s hard to remember what life without baby felt like. Of course, our big Californian Roadtrip was a highlight in 2015!¬†
I’m pretty sure we’ll never have that much time to travel on our hands again and I’m happy that we made the most out of it. One of the biggest differences that I noticed between raising kids in the US and Germany is the attitude towards traveling/flying with babies/toddlers. The US is such a huge country that it’s not uncommon to have your family 6 or more flight hours away, so it’s also no big deal to take a teeny tiny baby on a plane/travels pretty frequently. Of course, there are many families who travel long distance with a baby in Europe too, but I still feel like that for many families it’s a no-go when the Baby is only a couple of months old. Kinda sad because it can be so.much.fun! Even more fun than traveling ‘alone’. Look at @courtneydamao who sold their house and belongings to travel the world with 4(!) kids or @taza who climbed the Machu Picchu with 3 little kids in the middle of the night!
Ha! If they can do it – so can all of us ;)

Anyway, I’m glad we did our big road trip last summer and I’m sure Nova had a great time too. We also finally have a little video to watch with her in the years to come…




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