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The perfect Chelsea Boot!

Posted on: Sunday, January 22, 2012

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Chelsea Boots for a very ridiculously long time now.
I wanted them to be made of real leather, close to the ankle, good looking with a skirt, having a sole not too thin, from good quality, not too expensive and and and…The list was endless and so it became almost impossible for me to find the perfect pair. After trying on many, many different pairs from various shops all over the online- AND real world, I almost gave up. Then, one day I saw Sofie’s Chelsea Boots and the link to the Danish(!) shop where she got them.

The “Chealsea Boots” are actually riding boots from a shop where they sell the whole riding equipment and you can’t believe how happy I was to discover that they also have a German website and deliver to Austria as well!
Finally I went for the boots below and with paying 55€ for my perfect, leather Chelsea Boot I couldn’t be more satisfied!
I’ve been wearing them non stop as seen here and here and I suppose it won’t take too long until I get a new addition to the Chelsea Boots family ;) (I’m craving the middle ones in the first row!)

The name of the shop is Horze and you’ll find all the Chelsea Boots here

Where did you find your personal perfect Chelsea Boot?


  • Hannah

    witzigerweise habe ich genau vor zwei tagen meine alten reitstiefeletten aus dem keller gekramt und diese zu alltagstauglichen chelsea boots umfunktioniert. heißt so viel wie: einmal drüber geputzt, fertig! tatsächlich sind die treter in den reitshops meist erheblich günstiger als in normalen schuhläden. ein guter tipp also!
    liebst, hannah

  • jana

    ich hab meine (allerdings braun) bei görtz gefunden. und ich hab sie auch nur, weil eine freundin da 40% rabatt bekommt, für 200€ hätte ich sie nicht gekauft….

  • Simone

    after searching for quite a while just like you I found mine at buffalo. never thought this would happen….. but mine have a much thinner sole than your boots which isn’t the best idea for the colder seasons actually ;)

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