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New York Getaways – Storm King Art Center

Posted on: Friday, November 6, 2015


We enjoyed our apple picking trip so much that we decided to do another outing to Storm King Art Center. It is located only one hour north of New York City, in the lower Hudson Valley, where its 500-acre landscape of fields, hills, and woodlands provides the setting for a collection of more than 100 sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time. The park feels huge and has the tidiness of a golf course, the artwork and sculptures are scattered in the park and create an almost surreal landscape. Temperatures were crazy that day, 25°c in late October! It was such a beautiful “hike” and definitely a day trip you shouldn’t miss!

Totally off-topic but on the way back, our windscreen got chipped by a stone. That never happened before and we were afraid it would burst. In Germany there is one vendor that basically brainwashed the whole population and made them believe that there is only one repair company that can repair windscreens. Obviously there is no such shop in upstate New York. Given that, we were super happy to see the lights of the city appear in the distance. To be honest, I always am. As much as I enjoy those countryside getaways, it is not nature itself that recharges my batteries but rather the quality time with my family. I’m a city girl at heart.

Btw, after this short drive, I have enough evidence to conclude that Nova has become much less patient with driving than in California. After 30 minutes of driving, she just wants to GTFO :D luckily, I have mastered the skill of breastfeeding while we’re both buckled up in the back of the car. Ha! I guess that is my Yoga now.




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