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Life in a tiny apartment

Posted on: Friday, May 22, 2015


When we told people that we would move from our 115m2 rooftop flat in Vienna to a 50m2 one bedroom apartment in NYC to welcome our first baby we got a ALL the emotions. Shock, horror, envy, disbelief, respect, pity etc. To us, all those comments were kind of entertaining because it honestly was never a big deal for us. Every time we moved to another country/city we loved the whole process of starting over, selling almost all of our belongings and beginning from scratch at a new place. When we’ve been studying abroad in 2008 & 2011, my husband and I have lived together in the tiniest studio apartments with minimal furniture (meaning bed + desk haha) so we knew that moving to a 1BR apartment in effin NYC for at least two years would not be a problem – it would be awesome!

So as much as I loved our flat in Vienna, I really don’t miss it so far. Yes, I’d love to have a bigger kitchen, a dishwasher and my own washer/dryer again (sheer luxury) but other than that I really appreciate not having that much space to clutter up or clean. It’s been almost a year now (whaaat?) in our “new” tiny place and I’m already sad when I think about the fact the we’ll need to move out in another year from now because we truly love our first home for the three of us. Here’s a little sneek peak of how me make our 1BR work with a baby.

P.S. fun fact; we are much more outdoors and use the central park as our personal backyard than we ever used our rooftop terrace in Vienna. Back in Vienna we already preferred to go for a walk or stroll the 1st district when the weather was nice instead of hanging on the rooftop so I guess one lesson learned is that next time we look for a place we shouldn’t make a terrace/balcony a priority :D

I’d love to say that I always have such beautiful fresh flowers at home but that was my mother’s day bouquet :D



We had a much bigger sofa initially but sold it on craigslist after a couple of months in order to get this one from westelm. Now the room feels much less crowded…


All those beautiful prints in our apartment are made by my talented friend Alex Proba during her “a poster a day” series. You’ll get them here! We had such a hard time choosing and still would love to have so many more…


Yes, the stroller needs to be in the living room. Thank god our Stokke Xplory is beautiful ;)

One of our best baby buys – the Keekaroo peanut changer. Super easy to clean, pretty and sturdy! The “changing table” is a simple IKEA Tarva DIY.

Another beautiful print from my friend Alex. We loved the US passport theme for our little NYC lady :)



  • annika

    Ich finde, ihr wirkt wie eine sehr glückliche Familie – da kann die Größe der Wohnung sicher nicht viel daran ändern ;-) Ich freue mich immer sehr über neue Fotos auf Instagram!

  • Birgit

    Eure wohnung sieht so toll und gemütlich aus.

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