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Have Baby – Will Travel

Posted on: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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In a couple of days we’ll be leaving NYC for a two months family vacation. Still feels surreal and of course NOTHING is packed so far. I managed to procrastinate all preparations with this blogpost though. We sublet the apartment here in Manhattan and first go to see family in Germany for a couple of weeks before leaving for LA and our big west coast road trip. So excited!
It will be our first time flying with baby so we’ll see how that goes. Here in NYC we always take Nova with us to every restaurant, bar etc. and she’s always the happiest when she’s amongst a lot of things to see, ambient noise and new faces. Therefore I hope all will go well on the plane but I also try not to stress about all the possible “what ifs” because let’s face it – Babies be Babies :)
Here are some of the most essential things we’ll take with us on our first big trip with baby.
You know, travel light and such ;) 

1./2. We thought back and forth about bringing a light umbrella stroller instead of our Stokke Xplory but we love the fact that we can just attach the car seat to the stroller if we’ll be taking a cab and use the Xplory as a high chair in restaurants. The travel bag is also pretty great because it doesn’t take up much space when folded and since I won’t need the stroller at the airport/gate I can conveniently check it in and maybe even smuggle some of my shoes into the travel bag. Ha!

3. A manual pump might be a good idea in order to avoid one or two nursing stops along the road and just give baby a bottle in the carseat.

4. These nice and soft swaddle blankets are always great to have in your diaper bag. They work as a baby blanket, changing cover, scarf for mommy, snuggle blanket for baby and and and…

5. In NYC we do a LOT of babywearing and of course this will also be great on vacation. No need to worry about an elevator or taking the stroller to the beach etc. I think having Nova in the carrier will also be perfect to get through airport security while having my hands free for all the rest of the luggage. We love our Beco Gemini!

6. The Fjällräven kanken became our go to diaper bag. It can be easily attached to the stroller with its snap, it looks good on mommy & daddy, the side pockets hold a bottle and since it’s a backpack, it’s perfect for babywearing!

7. This travel crib got the most amazing amazon reviews (five full stars for baby gear are hard to beat ) and after receiving it a couple of days ago I can already see why. It really is SUPER light, can be easily worn as a backpack and the zippered “door” will provide lots of playtime when baby gets older. You can also get a sunshade for it and take it with you to the beach! I’m sure we’ll get lots of use on many trips out of this one.

8. We’ll bring just a few toys with us but definitely this one. It’s from Wimmer Ferguson and can be attached to the stroller, the car seat handle, the crib and and and. It’s super well thought out with its straps, magnets, pockets, different sides and Nova is always most excited about it.

9. I was told that it’s always a good idea to take the carseat with you on the plane instead of checking it in. If the plane isn’t full they might give you an extra seat for baby + car seat and if that’s not possible they’ll store the car seat for you. We own the Nuna Pipa and are very happy with it. I especially love the large so called dream drape!

More useful information about flying with babies here & here!


  • Birgit

    Ich finde es so toll, dass ihr trotz baby so lange reisen plant. Meine eltern haben das mit mir auch gemacht und es gab nie probleme. Mit baby nova wird es bestimmt ein super urlaub .
    Ich wünsch euch eine tolle zeit.

  • Marsha

    The holiday plans sound fantastic – and the packing seems so organised! My husband & I moved to the US a year or so before you – initially we were in Seattle and recently we moved to the Bay Area. Not sure how far North your road trip will take you, but western Washington (around Seattle) and NorCal are both stunning, and of course Seattle & San Francisco are awesome cities. Enjoy!

  • ColourClub

    Wir haben zwei Kinder (1,5 und 5 Jahre alt) und gehen ohne sie nirgendwohin. Die ertste Reise haben wir damals unternommenals unser Sohn drei Monate alt war. Fernreisen sind auch dabei. Zu Silvester waren wir auf die Malediven. Ich muss sagen, dass Reisen den Kindern sehr gefallen. Sie entwickeln sich viel besser, emotional und geistlich.

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien und viel Spaß im Urlaub!

    Borislava von http://www.colourclub.at

  • Carrie

    Toller Bericht

    Check out my new post
    Posts online about Jesolo, Beijing, USA…

  • perkins

    I just can’t believe what you done. You almost get every thing under control, make it work well for you and your family. You’re so great mother!

  • Nicole


    Mal eine Frage von Mama zu Mama:
    Wie lange hält es Baby Nova im Auto aus? Generell, die Reiserei – macht es ihr was aus?

    Unsere kleine Maus wird im August 1 Jahr und wir überlegen fieberhaft, über Weihnachten zuerst Freunde in WYO zu besuchen und uns danach ca zwei Wochen in Kalifornien treiben zu lassen. Tipps für Aufenthalte mit Baby in Cali?

    Lg und wunderschöne Reise euch dreien noch!

    • Victoria

      Hey Nicole, Nova war kein Fan vom Autofahren und länger als 4-5 Std waren nicht drin. Das war aber eigentlich kein Problem, denn wir sind dann entweder spät abends/nachts gefahren oder um den Mittagsschlaf herum. Es hat immer einer von uns mit ihr auf der Rückbank gesessen und es gab jede Menge neues Spielzeug ;) Abgesehen vom Autofahren war sie die ganze Zeit über gut drauf und auch die viel Ortswechsel schienen ihr überhaupt nichts auszumachen. LG!

  • Beverly

    The holiday plans sound fantastic, love

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