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Half way there!

Posted on: Monday, August 25, 2014


Three weeks have passed since we moved to NYC but it feels just like a blink of an eye. These first weeks have been so much fun, we got to know so many people and everything was just very exciting! There’s still no everyday life with all the parties, events, organizing furniture and handling organizational issues but no complaining of course. Tonight we’re having our first real TV night at home because we’re excited to watch the Emmy awards with tons of snacks and food :) This past weekend also marked being 20 weeks pregnant which means I am half way through this pregnancy, so I thought I post some stats of how things are going over here.

How far along? 20 weeks – half way there!
How big is baby? The size of a banana
Total weight gain: +4 kg
Maternity clothes? I think I might buy some more. They’re so comfy and nothing else fits anyway lol!
Stretch marks? None. Hoping that stays until the end.
Sleep? Awesome! No insomnia or anything – fingers crossed…
Miss Anything? A bloody red Steak!
Movement: YES! The hubby can also feel the kicks from outside, which is lovely!
Symptoms: I can’t sit very long due to crazy tailbone pain. I never thought a tailbone could hurt THIS much while sitting or getting up, super annoying! I try to fight it with this ridiculous thing and it helps a bit. Also pregnancy acne (help!) – more on this in another post
Food cravings: Nothing crazy. I had a few weeks where I wanted nothing more than salad day and night but right now everything is back to normal. I could eat Pizza and/or Ramen everyday but who am I kidding, this has nothing to do with pregnancy :D
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing. (And nothing ever really has)
Happy or moody most of the time? No crazy mood swings or hormonal dramas. So far generally happy and in a good mood :)
Looking forward to: Holding.This.Little.Baby. I’m definitely not one of these “I can’t believe I’m already five months along” women. For me/us, pregnancy feels like slow motion and we would also be more than happy If a pregnancy would only last four weeks haha. (We’ve both never really been on the patient front as you can guess)

Dress asos maternity // Shoes H&M // Bag Lacoste // Hair band H&M






  • Vicky

    Immer schön eincremen und einmassieren, dann bekommst du keine Schwangerschaftsstreifen – sagt meine Mam ;)

    liebe Grüße und ich beneid euch so für NY!

  • staenkerliese

    Du siehst wirklich toll aus. <3 Viel Glück, dass die Schwangerschaft auch weiterhin so relativ unkompliziert verläuft und die Zeit fix rum geht! ;-) Liebe Grüße nach NYC!

  • Denise

    Wenn es dir so gut geht wird es bestimmt ein Junge! :-)
    Tolle Fotos, du wirkst immer so ungaublich sympathisch! Wünsche dir weiterhin alles, alles Gute für den “Rest” der Schwangerschaft (ich werde später bestimmt auch mal so… mein Motto ist ja auch ehr “Herr gib mir Geduld, aber zackig!”) und eine tolle Zeit in NYC! Meine Traumstadt in der ich auch gerne mal leben möchte… Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • marchelle

    You are so gorgeous.

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