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First Beauty Buys in the US

Posted on: Friday, August 29, 2014

First Beauty Buys

The last time we lived in the US was 2008 and after that I haven’t been here so I was curios to see what beauty products are new and which ones do I still love.
Of course, a lot of beauty products are cheaper than in Europe so during the first weeks I was able to try some new stuff and below you’ll see the ones I love.
Now I’m curious, what are your must-buys when you shop in the states? Do you have any useful links about the best products/brands from the beauty blogosphere?

1 // Batiste Dry Shampoo

I know you can get all the Batiste products in Europe as well and I was able to already try one of their famous dry shampoos back home but I guess when it comes to dry shampoo it’s very simple, once you got Batiste – you never go back ;) They don’t smell funny or feel greasy, they lift your roots and they’re really easy to apply (no dust covered bathroom!). Especially If you have bangs, a little dry shampoo can be a daily life saver!  I bought the cherry one for the first time and it smells great with just a very subtle fruity scent! Get it here!

2 // Organix nourishing coconut milk serum

I left almost all my hair products at home so I needed to get some anti-breakage product/oil for my hair. I love the smell of this serum and the fact that I can also apply a little bit in the length of my hair without them becoming greasy or flat. I have rather oily skin/hair so usually I have to be very careful to apply hair products only at the very end of my strands but this coconut serum doesn’t seem to weigh down my hair at all.  Get it – and read all the great reviews – here!

3 // Davines Sea Salt Spray

Vicky (look at these curls!!) showed me this spray back home in Austria when she curled my hair and it’s probably the best hairstyling discovery in years for me! I bought it straightaway when I arrived (no shipping and a bit cheaper) and it’s so awesome for giving REAL texture, volume and of course wavy beach hair (although be warned! Your hair really does feel like you’ve spend the day in the sea).
Get it here!

4 // Burt’s Bees Tips & Toes Set

Burt’s Bees products are a beauty classic but I especially love their different starter sets. The sample sizes are great, the price is right and you get the chance to see what products you like best (big fan of the hand salve). Also a great gift idea! Get it here!

5 // Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

In Austria I wanted to buy a Babyliss Curl Secret right away after I tried it at the hairdresser but it was always sold out and there was only the really expensive pro version available. So one of the first (beauty) buys when we arrived in the US was the Infiniti Pro by Conair for 70$ (we didn’t even have plates but at least my hair was curled haha). Since then, everybody who asks about my hair gets an excited speech about how this thing REALLY WORKS and it is indeed that easy! I could never curl my hair with a flat iron since my hair is very heavy and stubborn and when the hairdresser curled it with a curling iron it looked cute but lasted for half a day maybe (my hair is totally unimpressed by tons of styling products or hairspray when it comes to curls). However, no matter how stubborn your hair is or if you’re all thumbs, these curling machines (you have to call it machine!) are so easy and quick and my curls last for three days?! I have no idea why they work SO well but lets just embrace that they do. Convinced?
American version here  – German version here

6 // jergens Natural Glow Face & Body

I hate(!) body lotion (eeeewww this slimey feel!) and never use one (dry skin is a foreign concept to me) but I love the occasional tan so maybe once or twice a week I overcome my fear of body lotion and use a lotion with a little bit of self tanner for my legs during summer or my décolleté during winter. Same goes for my face every other day since I’m always super pale (weirdly just the face). These two jergens products are probably my new favorites in this beauty category (I’ve really tried a lot!). Easy to apply, nice smell & feel and most importantly no weird after smell! Get it here here 

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