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Fesch ‘Markt Summer 2012

Posted on: Sunday, June 10, 2012

If you’re Vienna then today is the last day to visit the beautiful Fesch’Markt at the Ottakringer brewery!
I’ve been there yesterday and I was lucky that most of the shops only take cash because otherwise my credit card would have been glowing ;)
There are so many shops with amazing jewelry, fashion, art and I ended up taking two great pieces home with me! (see bottom of the page)
Of course I also couldn’t resist the food court and had some delicious ice cream from the Eis Greissler”!
There’s also great pasta, paninis, cupcakes, bread from “Die Aufstricher” and and and…
See for yourselves today – the weather is bad anyway and thank god it’s indoors ;)

I bought a beautiful bottle/vase from “Soulbottles” and some AMAZING Pulp Fiction-themed coasters from “Peryd Shou”

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