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Posted on: Thursday, February 13, 2014


I love to read those blogposts with favorite links, personal updates or news summaries from other bloggers since I always find a useful piece of the internet that I haven’t stumbled on before! Bloglovin has also started sending out weekly top-links via email and I discovered so many great Blogs/posts through it – I love it!

I decided to give it a go myself and today I’ll start by showing you some things that I liked and that will hopefully make you feel good as well :)

  • Favorite Discovery Buddhify 

Part of my new year’s resolutions was trying to have more patience, worry less and enjoy more while continuing to try new things in life. I’ve always been open to everything that’s new or is an exciting project so after reading this article on Lifehacker I was eager to try out Buddhify². Buddhify is a meditation app that contains guided meditation tracks for 14 different activities which make up your day so you can develop mindfulness anywhere and everywhere – on the train, at work, when online, at home and much more.
I’ve been using Buddhify for three weeks now and I can really tell a huge difference. It’s so much fun and you will feel so much better after just 10 minutes of those guided meditations. I especially love the meditation for walking around the city! You will walk the streets in a different way after that and you will feel calm & energized when you arrive at your destination.  So many people believe that technology is only negative for our minds – ruining our concentrations spans and all the rest but believe me, Buddhify will prove you wrong! I think it can be a true life changer and is one of those apps that is actually good for your brain and your wellbeing.

Convinced yet? If you are then go ahead and treat yourself to buddhify 2 at www.appstore.com/buddhify2


  • Workout Update

For 2014 I swore myself – again – to do more sports (unique, I know). In this post you could read a little bit about my constant battle to integrate some sort of sports into my life.
BUT so far I somehow managed to stick to my resolution for 2014 and did sports 5-6 times a week. It all started with the 30 day plan of Fitness Avenue, a German website where you get different 20 minute workouts everyday. This routine and the many different workouts ranging from Yoga, Pilates and Qigong to HIIT trainings, Piloxing and Dancing made it very easy to bring oneself to at least 20 minutes of sports per day.

While doing the program I got motivated again to visit the gym more often and I tried some new things like TRX & Pound (more about that later this week).

However I probably wouldn’t recommend Fitness Avenue to you, yet. Some features still feel a little beta to me and after some weeks the workouts get a little repetitive. I also didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t chose just a little bit which kind of workouts you would love to see more from.
Nevertheless, Fitness Avenue is what brought me back to the gym so I won’t complain.
Let me know If it would be interesting for you to hear more about my experiences with Fitness Avenue or have you even tried it yourself?




  • Beet Risotto

I’ve been making this beet risotto and it was awesooome (high pitched voice).
I crumbled some feta cheese on top which made it even more delicious in my opinion and I skipped the tiny heart-shaped beets which made it even quicker. It’s an easy recipe that also works great as a side dish. Try it! Btw I’m obsessed with everything that involves beetroot, pls share your favorite recipe!

Picture via a beautiful messThe best beet risotto


  • A new foundation?

Did you see this post about the top 10 foundations of the ITG readers? I’m still searching for THE perfect foundation and since they counted the votes of 250 beauty addicts for this post, the perfect one might be in it.

For the last 6 months I’ve been using L’OREALs Nude Magique and I gotta say that I LOVE the texture. It doesn’t feel like foundation at all but at the same time It’s also still not mattifying enough for my skin. A little more coverage would be nice sometimes.

Now I would love to try one of the foundations of top 10 list but I can’t decide which one.
Do you have oily skin as well? Which one do you use?

picture via into the gloss


  • Paula

    Hi Victoria!

    did you ever visit yamm! in Vienna’s first district? They serve a beetroot salad as a standard. They mix tiny cubes (about 5mm x 5mm) of beetroot and apple, plus nuts (if I remember correctly – walnuts), grapes cut in halves and a few chopped pearlonions.

    The various flavours mingle in a very, very pleasant way!

    on Buddhify: at first it reads like a contradiction: competetive meditation. By competitive I mean thet tracking, trying to meditate more the following week …
    But in the end it DOES make you sit down and meditate. Can’t be that bad!

    greetings, Paula

    • Victoria

      Thanks Paula! I definitely have to try the yamm! salad, sounds delicious!
      I never thought of Buddhify as a competiton. For me, the stats made me rather feel better about my meditations once again :D And you’re right, in the end it all comes down to actually sitting down and meditating. Did you try it?
      Hugs, Victoria

    • Paula

      Hi Victoria!

      I only know the app from your blog. My phone only calls and texts. Very old style. ;-)

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