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Favorite Baby Gear Part I – Sleep

Posted on: Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Figuring out what kind of equipment is necessary for this parenting journey can be a daunting process. Meg sums it up quite well :D

“Standing at a wall of baby products that goes on for a mile is enough to make anyone wish they remembered to take the pill that night. Just kidding (sort of).”

So I think the first question you should ask yourself is what’s your baby gear philosophy? In other words, do you want it all? or only the must have’s? The hubby and I we’re always afraid of any sort of clutter so this whole baby stuff thing was of course intimidating. We tried to keep it as simple as possible and I spent SO MUCH TIME looking at posts about what to register for and made crazy excessive research on some things so that preferably we’d only buy the stuff that turns out to be really useful.
Whether you are keeping it simple or not, having baby products that are awesome and practical but budget friendly too can’t be a bad idea – so here are some of our favorites.
This time it’s all about helping you and the baby to get some much needed Zzzzz’s.

  1. Crane cool mist humidifier – let’s start with what probably seems to be the least important item for some of you but actually there are several reasons to consider buying a humidifier. Raising the level of indoor humidity can help relieve tiny congested noses so that newborn nasal breathers can breastfeed and sleep easier at night. A humidifier can also reduce dry skin and itchy eyes in winter. During her first days in life, Nova was pretty congested (not unusual for a newborn) and the humidifier was a real lifesaver.
  2. IKEA Sniglar crib – We didn’t buy a crib until Nova was almost three months old because we knew in the beginning she would only be sleeping next to our bed anyways. When she started sleeping through the night and I didn’t need to feed her/pick her up every other hour, we got her the IKEA Sniglar crib. Besides being a super bargain, I think it’s one of the prettiest cribs out there. The airy, simple Scandinavian design and raw wood aesthetic work so well with modern and minimalist decor. Here are some pictures of how beautiful it can look!
  3. The Ollie Swaddle – I know there are different opinions about swaddling babies, especially in Germany (Europe?) but here in the US it’s still the norm and almost all hospital nurseries will swaddle your baby right away. Newborn babies, having just left the womb, are of course frightened by their new world and swaddling gives them a sense of the snug comfort they’re used to for nine months. A swaddled infant will feel warmer, safer, and more comfortable in bed. Thus, swaddling should help them sleep longer which means more sleep for you. With Nova we could really see a difference between sleeping swaddled (perfectly calm for hours) and not swaddled (her crazy arms constantly waking her up). We swaddled her at night using the Ollie Swaddle. It’s easy to fasten those velcro straps in the middle of the night and it really stays put around the arms while their legs/hips are just loosely wrapped so that they can be in the “M” or frogged position, as they were in the womb. Seriously, If I could only recommend one thing to future parents it would be the Ollie Swaddle!
  4. 4Moms Mamaroo – If you can spend some $$$ you should splurge on this one. I know it’s a lot of money but you’ll get hundreds of hours of uninterrupted time for yourself out of it. The Mamaroo will let you shower, have breakfast, entertain baby and of course rock baby to sleep. It seems like it’s just IMPOSSIBLE for babies to stay awake in this thing.
  5. MyBaby SoundSpa – You’re probably all like “What the hell is a SoundSpa for baby? Is she nuts?!” but hear me out. The noises your baby hears in the womb are twice as loud as even your vacuum cleaner (whaaat?), so babies actually feel more comfortable when there’s a bit of noise in the nursery. That’s why so many babies like the sound of the hair dryer, a fan, the shower…you get the idea. We used this little gadget a lot as Nova would immediately calm down with a couple of minutes of white noise after a feeding at night or whenever she’s fussy. It’s also super easy to bring to a restaurant, attach to the stroller/car seat etc.
  6. 8. 9. Moses Basket, Mattress, Bassinet Stand – Nova has been sleeping in her moses basket at night from day one. She always seemed cozy and comfortable in it and it was great that we could quickly take the basket with us to the bathroom, living room etc. At 4 months now, she has outgrown the basket but she’s still occasionally chillin’ in it during the day and I think it will also look great as a toy basket soon. It’s a great budget-friendly, yet pretty option for those first few months when they probably don’t sleep in their crib anyways.
  7. Nobody told me that before so I’m telling you now. Get your hands on as many onesies WITH A ZIPPER as you can. Your baby will be living in onesies during those first few weeks and you will be SO GLAD if you don’t need to fasten one million snaps in the middle of the night! Btw this was our favorite zipper onesie from carters – look at those strawberry feet <3

I hope this post will help one or two pregnant ladies while researching about 833527 similar posts ;) Stay tuned for Part II with all our favorite travel gear!


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