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California road trip with Baby

Posted on: Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just a cool Californian baby


Hey there! Remember me? Should we pretend this awkward blog silence over the last couple of months (whah!) didn’t happen or just acknowledge the fact that motherhood plus blogging don’t go so well together for me? I have no idea how all you other blogging mommas do this and I’m probably just too lazy or still value sleep > blogging. And showers, and coffee, and food…

Anyways, I still have a lot of great ideas for new posts so let’s just hope that all these posts WILL happen eventually ;)
Let’s start today with a little update on what kept us busy over this summer and most importantly how our epic two months road trip went! Get ready for seemingly endless rambling about this & that plus 63826157 pictures or stop reading now:

  • We first left NYC for two weeks of family fun in Germany and Nova had just started to roll over from her tummy. Now she can stand on her own and it looks like she could be an early walker. I know it always sounds like a cliché, but time IS moving way too fast! Slow down!
  • In Germany, my mom threw us an awesome “Baby Nova Party” with family & friends and it was such a wonderful day! That day was also my sisters 23rd birthday, so we had so much reason to celebrate. As hard as it is to live this far away from family, it makes those rare get-togethers feel so much more special and treasurable!
  • The long flight to Germany, then 13hrs to LA, then 6hrs back to NYC. All those flights went super well. Nova was excited about basically everything (except the baby bassinet) and eventually she always slept for a couple of hours in the baby carrier. She wasn’t very interested in nursing through take-off and landing but didn’t seem to have any trouble with the air pressure and her ears whatsoever. I was a bit worried about the flight back to NYC because at that point she could already crawl but thankfully this one was a red-eye flight and she basically slept through the whole flight. I think in the future, I would always opt for the night flight again.
  • We spent almost three fun weeks with friends in this wonderful Airbnb in LA. It was an amazing time mostly due to the great company and less due to the city. LA and I won’t become BFF’s unfortunately.
  • From LA, we drove to Palm Springs and I looooved the desert. It’s just so different! Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs was one of my absolut highlights of the trip. It’s a must-visit if you’re ever in the area! So is Joshua tree national park of course!
  • It was our second time in Las Vegas, and I’ve loved it then and I loved it now. It’s such a fun and crazy place with so much to see and do. It’s so much more than gambling & partying and also surprisingly kid friendly. Have a steak at del frisco’s while you’re there. Nicest staff ever and, of course, great food!
  • We also spent some time in Yosemite, Mammoth lakes (beautiful!!), San Francisco and the Big Sur area. Oh and DISNEYLAND!
  • In Germany, I also got a new haircut and went super short and blond. After a couple of weeks I was already annoyed by the massive roots showing and went dark again. Right now I’m enjoying just letting it grow out and having what feels like a different hairstyle every other week.
  • A couple of weeks before we left for our trip (I therefore sadly can’t blame the trip) Nova started to enjoy waking up 5x per night for quick nursing sessions. She never looked back to sleeping through ne night again and the dark bags under my eyes are real you guys! That’s also the story of how co-sleeping started :-P
  • It was our first time mostly doing Airbnb and we didn’t have a single bad experience. It was great to have a kitchen with a baby and I think Airbnb is one of the greatest things that ever happened to family travel! (Nope, this is not sponsored by Airbnb)
  • Back in NYC I started a new part-time job at meetup three days per week and while I’m enjoying my time in the office, the hubby is enjoying his days with Nova as a stay at home dad and geez, they’re rocking this! Feeling a little guilty on my end because dinner & laundry are ready when I come home while most of the time it looks like this when I’ve been home alone. But just keep in mind that children behave 800x worse when their moms are around ;-)
  • Also remember those pics? Around 4 months of age Nova decided to refuse the occasional bottle and although we tried every.single.trick.in.the.book she still rather happily starves for eight(!) hours while I’m at work than having the evil expressed breastmilk. At almost 10 months, she’s also still not really into solid foods and besides a couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt there’s not much she lets me feed her. Yes, we also tried BLW.

Feel free to ask any questions about the trip, the route, recommendations or whatever comes to mind in the comment section, via email or instagram :) Below, just click on the pictures to enlarge…


  • Nici

    Liebe Mama, isst Nova Grießbrei?
    Wir haben bei unserer Maus (14monate) relativ früh damit angefangen – (zwei Zähne mit 3 Monaten, 4 Zähne mit 5 Monaten) sie liebt ihn bis heute heiß und ist idealer Ersatz falls sie mal das Mittag- oder Abendessen verschmäht (sie ist seitdem sie 12 Monate ist, normal bei uns mit)

    Welche Art von Brei hast du versucht? Unsere mochte bei den gekauften nur die fleischlosen und ansonsten hab ich für die Maus die ersten Monate gekocht – Karotten, Süßkartoffel, broccoli, Erbsen – das waren ihre Lieblinge, kombiniert oder alleine

    Mag sie brei nicht oder das feste nicht? Madame hat bei uns ab 10 Monaten Brei verschmäht weil wir großen ja was anderes hatten und sie sich ab dem Zeitpunkt weigerte, Brei zu essen wenn wir was zu kauen hatten ;)

    Ich hoffe sehr für euch (und natürlich Klein Nova) dass sie bald ihre Lieblingsspeise abseits Mamamilch entdeckt – ich fand es sehr entspannend und stressfrei nicht mehr ihr 100%iger Essenslieferant zu sein!
    Lg und alles Gute !!

    • Victoria

      Hi Nici, danke für deine liebe Nachricht! Ich glaube wir haben inzwischen ALLES ausprobiert. Jede erdenklich Konsistenz, Kombination, Brei, selbst gekocht, gekauft, vom Löffel, aus der Hand…Haben uns sogar schon Brei aus Deutschland mitbringen lassen hahaha
      Ausser Joghurt, ein bisschen Hühnchen und Käse (?!) konnte sie bisher leider noch nichts begeistern. Aber alle Babies haben halt ihr eigenes Tempo und ich bin mir sicher bald legt auch Nova endlich den Schalter um – hoffentlich ;)
      Viele liebe Grüße aus NYC!

  • Nici

    Bin mit sicher, dass sie von einen auf den anderen Tag das Essen für sich entdecken wird! Bis dahin, viel Geduld und auch Spaß! Willkommen zurück übrigens, hab ich gestern noch vergessen :)

  • Birgit

    so schön, dass du wieder zurück bist :)

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